How much coverage should I buy?

Buy enough coverage to be able to fully replace your property in the event of a total loss. Be specific with the details of the construction of your property (e.g. square footage, year built, age of roof, etc.) and don’t forget that the insured value also covers the cost of Debris Removal.

When it comes to estimating the value of your personal belonging, be realistic and choose a limit that would enable you to replace all your belonging today in the market when they are not on sale (e.g. kitchen gadgets, clothing, furniture, electronic devices, bed and bathroom accessories, decorative accessories, etc.)

How do I make sure my insurance policy does what I want?

Read the policy and its wording carefully and pay attention to the Special Sub-Limits of Insurance and Exclusions. In many cases you might be able to enhance your coverage or add optional coverages.

I live in a strata-titled property. Is there anything specific, that I should pay attention to, when it comes to purchasing contents insurance?

If you live in a strata-titled property, review the strata insurance policy and make sure that you have the best coverage for the deductibles of that policy under your contents insurance policy. We can also offer bareland strata  insurance where appropriate – please ask for more details

How do I reduce the likelihood of a loss?

Sadly incidents are not always preventable but pay attention to the maintenance of your property and keep it in a good condition to avoid losses that you can control.

How to make sure that my valuable articles are protected?

Schedule your valuable belonging (e.g. watches, jewellery, fur, artwork etc.) on your policy to ensure appropriate coverage.

I am moving to a new location/ my property is going through renovations/ I am going away on vacation. Do I need to notify my broker?

Yes, you should notify your broker/agent of any changes to your property to ensure that appropriate coverage is in place and if needed, proper changes are made to your policy.

If your property is vacant for an extended period of time, you'll need to tell us so we can ensure you are protected.

I am purchasing an older home. Do I have to take any extra steps to protect my property?

For older homes, have the property inspected by professionals to make sure that the plumbing, electricity, furnace and roof are in good condition, the property is mould-free and asbestos-free and make necessary updates or repairs (e.g. electrical services with active knob and tubes or insufficient amperage for the number of units can increase the likelihood of a fire loss).

How do I value my home and its contents?

There are many methods for determining property value. The most common valuation methods are insurance appraisals and inventory booklets, as well as  our evaluation cost calculator.