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Personal Auto Insurance is quick to purchase from Axis, easy to understand and simple to get. All it takes is a quick visit to our offices and we can give you the peace of mind you need to take to the open road.

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Axis Insurance Managers autoplan delivery service! - How to:

1. Call us at 1-877-280-AXIS (2947) with your ICBC renewal notice or information (e.g. plate number, name of the registered owner, etc.) and if you are already our client, just give your full name and we’ll do the rest!
2. Axis Insurance will arrange a time and date within 24 hours for your delivery. We will try to do same-day delivery where possible.

The delivery service is available during regular business hours Monday - Friday.


Auto Insurance – protecting you when you drive

Auto accidents are all too common. Each year in Greater Vancouver alone, there are well over 100,000 accidents – killing over 350 people and causing injury to 30,000. There are a wide variety of causes including speed, bad weather, incompetent driving, alcohol - even animals. And though most accidents aren’t serious, the costs of settling claims can be enormous – usually thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. That’s why it is so important to get the right insurance. It’s not just a case of getting what’s cheapest, because when you do have an accident or your vehicle is stolen, you need to have the insurance in place to protect you from the very expensive business of settling claims.
In British Columbia you must buy a minimum amount of auto insurance from ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). This is known as Autoplan. The insurance offers basic coverage which includes up to $150,000 for medical and rehabilitation costs for each injured person, $200,000 for damages claimed by other drivers and up to $1 million per person if the at-fault motorist is under-insured. However, we have recently seen several multi-million dollar claims being successful – again underlining the importance of buying the right level of insurance. Basic Autoplan is really just a starting point.

You can enhance your basic Autoplan auto insurance coverage in a couple of ways. ICBC themselves offer higher limits, as well as Collision and Comprehensive (fire, theft etc.) coverage. However, once you have the basic Autoplan coverage, you can choose to purchase additional insurances such as excess liability coverage and collision and comprehensive coverage from providers other than ICBC. With these kinds of optional coverage Axis, through its partnership with other insurers, may be able to reduce your overall auto insurance costs. As you would expect, any reduction would depend on the type of vehicle you insure, your level of driving experience and so on.

The team at Axis Insurance Managers can help you choose from the various additional insurance plans that offer superior coverage – both through ICBC and our other insurers.

Benefits of choosing Axis Insurance Managers Inc. for personal auto insurance:

We are full service Autoplan Broker
  • We have a great alternative for non-compulsory coverage (Private Auto)
  • We offer a delivery service with (usually) same day delivery.
  • We have great knowledgeable and dedicated staff.
  • We have a convenient location on the North Shore in Vancouver with plenty of convenient parking.