Our Expertise Spans the Globe

Logging and Forestry Insurance


The expert and experienced team at Axis Insurance has worked incredibly hard over many years to build a unique, long standing relationship with one of the few key insurers in this highly specialized field.

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Construction Insurance


We have a specialist team at Axis Insurance that has in depth knowledge and understanding of the construction industry.

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Transportation Insurance


Axis Insurance Managers has long experience in transportation insurance and works with a wide range of insurers to deliver coverage which perfectly suits your company.

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Wood Product Manufacturing Insurance


The good news is that the expert team at Axis Insurance has a combined experience of over 50 years in insuring wood products related companies.

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Mining and Mineral Exploration


Our specialist team at Axis Insurance knows and understands the mining and mineral exploration industry. We’ve got many clients already in this sector so you won’t need to educate us – we already have the experience and knowledge.

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High Tech Companies Insurance

High Tech

By keeping it simple, and getting to know your business, we can help you navigate the maze of different policies and extensions.

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Professional (E&O) Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance

Insurance for Professionals

Every company works hard to deliver the very best to its clients so they stay happy and satisfied. We all try to ensure our work keeps our clients returning and builds our reputations.

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Hospitality Insurance


The hospitality industry is extremely varied – from small boutique hotels to large chains, nightclubs, bars, cabarets and restaurants. Although every type of hospitality business is different, they all need specialised and tailored coverage to mitigate

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Insurance for the Professional Scuba Diving Industry

First Dive

There’s nothing more majestic than exploring the ocean floor. Our insurance experts will work with you to find the worldwide coverage you need, at an affordable price.

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Axis Personal Insurance Options

That's why our approach is always the same - whether for commerical insurance or personal insurance. We find out what you need and create tailor-made policies to fit. Our passion is for quality and it runs through everything we do - from our contact with you to the relationshiops we build with underwriters to...

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