Axis Insurance Commercial Coverage

Getting the right policies in place – delivering true value for money

The world of commercial insurance can be complex. For every type of company – from a small retail business to a multi-national corporation – insurance needs are different. There are a huge number of policies available and an equally bewildering number of policy extensions and wordings which can tailor the coverage to suit your particular business.

At Axis Insurance Managers we are able to work with your company to build insurance coverage which is personalised to your exact requirements. We will help you to understand the risks you face – and what the consequences may be when things go wrong. Our relationships with underwriters and insurers, which we have built over many years, mean we help in negotiating policy wordings to benefit you. We will work tirelessly to become educated and knowledgeable in your industry, so we can completely understand your business and your operations. That way we will be able to ensure that your insurance coverage is not only perfectly suited to your needs, but that you are getting value for money – both in terms of coverage limits and the premiums you pay.

So whatever your industry – forestry or mining, construction or building ownership, manufacturing or pharmaceutical, retail or hospitality, for profit and not-for-profit - then Axis Insurance Managers has the expertise and experience to deliver insurance coverage which will meet your needs exactly and may well save you money too.

For our clients who operate internationally, we are able to provide insurance on a worldwide basis thanks to our partnership with UNiBA Partners - one of the world’s largest networks of independent providers of risk management, insurance broking and employee benefits services. Our partnership with UNiBA Partners enables us to give our clients the benefit of strong and independent businesses that have local knowledge, as well as being committed to collaboration, partnership and top class customer service.

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